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Hollywood Police Officers Caught Falsifying DUI

Broward County DUI Lawyer William Moore Criminal Defense reports that a few months ago, back in February, Alexandra Torrens-Vilas was driving her car in Hollywood, says Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney William Moore. She admits that she had been drinking a little bit, but had not had a lot to drink, and she believes she was not committing a DUI. She had been attending a party and was driving home – with a stray cat she had rescued. Torrens-Vilas was taken by surprise when the cat jumped from the car. She braked quickly to locate the stray cat. While her car was parked along the side of the road, her vehicle was struck from behind by a police patrol car. The patrol vehicle was driven by Hollywood police officer Joel Francisco – a cop who has been in seven crashes while driving a patrol vehicle since 2000, Broward County DUI attorney William Moore has learned.

Four police officers, including Francisco, ultimately arrived at the scene of the accident. There, they administered a breath alcohol or breathalyzer test, which they say showed that Torrens-Vilas was extremely intoxicated. But Torrens-Vilas disputes that claim and the State Attorney’s Office later dropped the DUI charge that had been filed against her. Why? Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer William Moore says that incontrovertible evidence of the officers’ dishonesty emerged.

The police officers conspired to protect Francisco from facing punishment for causing the accident. Dewey Pressley was one of the police officers present on the scene and he, along with the other officers, was captured building a story to protect Francisco and to “hang [Torrens-Vilas] out to dry.” The dashboard camera of one of the patrol vehicles caught the conspiracy on film. Calling his imaginative police report “a little Walt Disney,” Pressley, as a veteran cop, told the other officers, “I’m gonna tell you exactly how to word this so we can get him off the hook.” Although Pressley claims on the video that he does not approve of lying, he says he will do so if necessary to protect another police officer.

Because police reports are signed under oath by the officers, it appears that the police officers involved likely committed perjury. At this point in time, however, prosecutors have not filed any charges against the officers, although all have been suspended from their duties with pay. Meanwhile, the dashboard video has become an internet sensation and Torrens-Vilas is planning a civil lawsuit against the Hollywood Police Department for the damage to her reputation and other costs she has endured as a result of the charges filed against her.

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Article contributed by Mallory Shipman, Esq.

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