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Homicide in Florida

Law Related to Homicide in Florida and Explanation by William Moore’s Florida Criminal Lawyers.

A homicide refers to the killing of a human being. Murder and manslaughter are homicides that are in violation of the criminal law but by different degrees. However, it is not necessary that every homicide is a crime. Killings that may be committed in self-defense that can be justified are not considered criminal and therefore not a homicide. Manslaughter and murder are illegal killings, with the gravity of the crime represented by the multiple degrees of each. Persons charged with homicide in Florida will obviously devote a great deal of time in chosing a lawyer to protect their rights under the law. William Moore, Criminal Defense Lawyer Fort Lauderdale

Not all Florida Criminal Defense Lawyers are Experienced in Defending Cases of Homicide in Florida

If someone is trying to steal your car and then run you over with it, you have the right to shoot that criminal out of self defense. This is what the criminal defense attorneys in Fort Lauderdale will inform you about. But the situation is not always cut and dry and is one reason you should consider having outstanding criminal legal counsel at your side and speaking on behalf of you. If the suspect was not actually in your car and did not know you had a gun or that you were even there and you opened fire, this could be another situation. No one feels sorry for a criminal but perhaps some warning could have been given while the police were called or on their way. If the suspect is stepping towards you, giving you no room to maneuverer, carrying a hammer in a threatening manner, and perhaps issuing threatening verbiage, this makes it easier to defend your case that you had to use whatever means to put this person down – anywhere from shooting them or hitting them with shovel.

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