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How to Hire a Criminal Attorney

If you have been placed under arrest or charged with a crime in Broward County, one of the first steps you should take is to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney practicing in the Fort Lauderdale area. The consequences of a criminal conviction can be particularly severe, and it is usually advisable to defend your position legally with the assistance of an attorney. The attorney can help you understand your rights at every stage of the process of law.

Why Seek Legal Assistance

Even if you may be charged with a seemingly minor crime, but it is a serious matter that should be addressed with the help of a criminal lawyer. Consequences and penalties in criminal cases may include serving time in the prison, having a criminal record, damaged reputation and loss of social relationships, diminished job prospects for the future, among other items. A criminal lawyer can help protect your rights in such a case and try to secure a favorable outcome for you. They will certainly do their best to paint a picture of you in the best possible light.

If you are faced with criminal prosecution, the lawyer can explain you the precise nature of the charges filed against you, the potential defenses available in your case, likely plea bargains, and what you may expect following a trial or conviction. You may contact a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale for effective legal support and advice in your case.

Attributes of a Criminal Attorney

When you are looking for a suitable criminal attorney to represent your defense, you should try to check the experience and background of the attorney. Different criminal attorneys may have experience in handling different types of criminal cases, including misdemeanors, felonies, while collar crimes, drug related cases, and various other federal and state crimes.

You should focus on the knowledge, expertise, and experience of an attorney in the particular area of your concern.

An experienced criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale may help you reduce the level of your criminal charge, such as reduce a charge of felony to a misdemeanor. He or she may also help bring down the magnitude of the punishment for the crime, such as cut down or eliminate prison time via probation. It is important that the attorney you choose should have a good understanding of the local and state rules of court because criminal law and punishments may vary from one state to another.

Locating an Attorney

You can locate a criminal attorney in numerous ways. To start with, you may seek referrals from office colleagues, family members or friends. However, in some cases, an individual facing a criminal case may not like to discuss the matter with friends, colleagues, or members of the extended family.

In such scenarios, and even otherwise, online searches over the Internet is a sharp or canny way to find out well-established and reputed criminal attorneys in your local area, or someone else’s. Do not become sucked into some website with bright colors and flashy lights and do not believe any lawyer that guarantees anything. The state bar association office may also provide a list of practicing lawyers in a particular area who may be suitable to represent your case. Experienced criminal defense lawyers Fort Lauderdale can help defend your rights under the law in cases of this manner.

Most of Criminal Lawyers are Retained After Arrest of the Suspect

Most defendants to a criminal action in Florida hire a criminal defense attorney to represent their defense after being arrested. In most cases, a criminal defendant needs time to obtain funds to afford qualified representation further delaying their rights being protected.

Broward County Criminal Defense Attorneys of William Moore Criminal Defense

The fact is that most people are not prepared financially for the unexpected charge of retaining defense counsel.

After researching criminal defense firms, and an agreement being met, a criminal defense lawyer will assume responsibility for defending the case by filing appropriate paperwork with the clerk, judge and assigned assistant state attorney.

In Broward County most criminal defense law firms agreed to payment plans, while very few require the entirety of the fee upfront. Criminal clients seeking representation should always require that a written agreement be provided by their criminal defense attorney.

Meeting with Your Criminal Defense Attorney

After being retained, your criminal defense lawyer should at a very least:

  • Review the charges against you.
  • Discuss these charges with you.
  • Review the potential penalties.
  • Review discovery.
  • Discuss expectations of the client.
  • Determine how the client would like to proceed.
  • Explain the criminal court process.
  • Explain future court dates and hearings.
  • Obtain all pertinent information from the client.
Require Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Additionally, it is always a good practice for the criminal lawyer assuming responsibility for the case to schedule regular meetings with the client.

Client Reviews
William Moore saves the day once again... I can’t thank him enough for helping me get my life back on track...You’ll be glad he’s on your defense team, I guarantee it. Eric Bailey
William is an amazing lawyer on the first day he took my case from a felony to a misdemeanor. He always answered my calls and text messages, never a problem. He was always the one in court not sending someone else, unlike my last lawyer. 10/10 would recommend. If I ever have any other problems, he will be the first person I call. Shane B.