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Is Community Control Available to Juveniles?

Is community control another name for house arrest in Broward County and is it available to underage offenders?

Yes, House Arrest is available to both adults and Juvenile Offenders

House arrest in Florida is also called community control. It is a sentence that is given to certain criminal offenders in lieu of a prison term. Sometimes the court might sentence a person to a mix of prison term and house arrest. House arrest is less expensive for the state as the person under house arrest is expected to pay for most of the costs involved.

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A person under house arrest or community control in Florida can continue to live in their primary residence, travel to work, school, place of worship, hospital, and to visit the probation officer. However, they can do so only with the prior approval of the probation officer whom they need to meet each week.

Lack of Freedom

Those under house arrest in Florida are placed under intensive monitoring by being required to wear an electronic anklet 24/7 and ensuring that they adhere to the curfew timings. This is sort of like the movie Disturbia where Shia LaBeouf has his freedom curtailed by having to where an electronic ankle bracelet. Moreover, they have to pay for the electronic anklet provided by a third party and also work and support their dependents.

Community Service

Besides, under Florida law, those under house arrest have to spend a prescribed number of hours per week on a community service detail apart from their regular employment.

As a rule, those under house arrest are prohibited from consuming alcohol and must be at home during all times for which they have not specifically been permitted to be away. Those under house arrest cannot normally travel but can approach their probation officer for permission if they have special reasons such as attending a family funeral.

Not for Violent Offenders Juvenile Offenders

Those violating the terms of their house arrest in Florida can be sent to jail. Typically, Florida permits only non-violent offenders and first time offenders to be placed under house arrest. This can often be juveniles staying with their parents.

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