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Lake Worth Alcohol-Related Accident Kills Passenger, Injures Driver

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office has disclosed that an unfortunate single vehicle accident in south Lake Worth last night killed the passenger in the car. Broward DUI Lawyer William Moore notes that Broward County had 62 traffic fatalities related to alcohol consumption during 2006, up to 73 in 2007. State and county officials have expressed concern about the rising number of alcohol-related driving deaths and DUI manslaughter in south Florida, since the numbers have increased not only in Broward County but Fort Lauderdale-Dade and Broward, as well. No charges have been filed against the driver at this time and, although the Broward County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson indicated that the accident was alcohol-related, it is not clear at this time if the accident was in fact DUI.

Broward County authorities said that the accident happened a few minutes before 9:00 p.m. on the evening of Sunday, January 11. A 2000 Chrysler PT Cruiser went through the light at the intersection of H Street and 10th Avenue in Lake Worth. The vehicle drove into a field on the other side of the intersection, continuing until impact with a cement pipe left in the field. Neither the driver nor the passenger was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

The driver of the PT Cruiser suffered serious injury and was airlifted to Delray Medical Center, were he remains in stable condition. He had apparently been drinking prior to the accident, but he has not been cited with DUI or DUI manslaughter by Lake Worth authorities as of this report. The passenger in the vehicle was pronounced dead at the accident scene. Fort Lauderdale law enforcement authorities have not released the identities of either.

The recent single-car Lake Worth accident follows a string of similar accidents in Florida. A 17-year-old male was killed in Okaloosa County, Florida on December 27; his passenger survived. The passenger was thrown out of the vehicle upon impact. The car drove into a ditch when the speeding driver failed to turn with the road. Investigators have not made a public determination about the cause of the accident or whether it was DUI-related.

Likewise, blood alcohol testing is pending in the case of a one vehicle accident in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, which left 24-year-old Donald Moran in critical condition. Moran is the son of Chief Judge Donald Moran Jr. The younger Moran lost control of his vehicle, causing an accident on J. Turner Blvd., in which Moran hit a utility pole and was thrown out of the truck before it landed upside down. Moran has a previous DUI conviction and served one year of probation.

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