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Lawyer Update – Casey Anthony

According to our Criminal Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, Casey Anthony seems to be a magnet for crime – not that failing to report your missing child for a month is a crime, unless, of course, you were the killer. Caylee Marie Anthony disappeared in June, but was only reported missing just six weeks ago.

On investigation, air-sample tests showed that a decomposing body was once in mom’s trunk. Now chloroform traces were also found. – Chloroform can be used to knock someone out. Evidence taken from Anthony’s computer shows she might have been researching the chemical on the Internet.

Anthony was in the spotlight again when she got arrested for check-fraud and theft. She appears in Court this morning (September 5, 2008) on those charges. She is accused of stealing checks from a friend and cashing them for over $700 in merchandise.

Anthony has been charged with two counts of petty theft, two counts of fraudulent use of personal identification and two counts of uttering a forged check.

Anthony also faces charges of child neglect and filing false statements in the investigation of her daughter’s disappearance. 65 volunteers with Texas EquuSearch are still looking for the missing child.

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