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Lowest Crime Rate Since 1970 – BSO Responds With Massive Sting Operation

Back in the early 1990’s while studying law, there was kind of a joke going around among the 3-L’s about everyone collectively agreeing to back off the strenuous competition that seems ever prevalent early on in this profession. I personally loved the rivalry and the comradery. Like most, I never bought into the flawed reasoning of the handful of students that could some how ignore the pressure. I will never forget being told once by a fellow student (and roommate) that problem with setting the bar too high is that success means an even tougher second season. The next challenge will have to be even more monumental less you appear to be loosing your touch.

In order to enjoy in the thrill of victory a second time you need… well… the victory.

I wonder where that guy is now?

He certainly isn’t with the Broward sheriff’s Office. These guys are truly a testament to over achievement. I am certain that our deputies would have been a motivating force even to him. Take for instance the recent FDLE statistics that once again report that Broward County crime is at an all time low.

Actually, crime is lover than it has been in over 44 years apparently. Now that is a heck of a victory. Didn’t they say this exact thing last May?

I will have to look up the article.

Yep BSO did it again!

To only have heard the rationalization that otherwize convinced the higher-ups at the station that implementation of a massive sting operation was absolutely necessary to maintain a firm grip on our Broward County crime stronghold. All of this went full scale only hours after news of the almost nonexistent crime in our town.

It’s like a marvel comic.

BSO Lt. Steve Feeley said violent crime is down in Broward County but BSO’s efforts to protect the community is as strong as ever.

Numerous arrests for low level drug possession and prostitution were made. One hundred of them.

Investigators said arrests they made during the one-day sweep may also pay dividends by helping to solve other crimes.

“Sometimes we can develop leads that help to clear other cases and crimes that maybe we don’t have good leads on,” said BSO Det. Kevin Viera.

Those arrested were taken to be checked out by a nurse before being forwarded to the main jail.

It’s when the street level (mostly homeless) drug users and prostitutes could easily be approached and questioned about more sinister crimes that may be taking place in our County.

You can never be too safe right?

No apparent lead jackpot was uncovered by detectives or the nurse that was “checking those arrested out.” This of-course led to the planning and implementation of another sting operation over the following two days.

It was labeled Operation Hat Trick.

See CBS Article

What on earth!

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