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MADD Pushes for Interlock Ignition Devices

Broward DUI Lawyer William Moore has found that, over the years, judges are more inclined to provide for the use of interlock ignition devices for DUI offenders and that the general public has become increasingly familiar about these devices, as the legislature has examined the issue and more offenders have been required to attach them to their vehicles as a condition of driving. Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney William Moore knows that many drivers who have had past alcohol problems and DUI convictions are sometimes not bothered by the addition of these devices, aside from their usually high cost, for the reinstatement of their driving privileges. After all, driving is often essential for getting to work and the revocation of driving privileges is especially hard on people supporting families or commuting long distances, where public transportation or rides from friends and family are impractical.

Ignition interlock devices are breath test machines that are rigged up to the ignition of a vehicle. The devices function similarly to a traditional breathalyzer, in that they purport to provide accurate measurements of a person’s blood alcohol concentration. If the device registers a specific reading – perhaps 0.02 percent or higher – then the motor will not turn on. Additionally, the device may require that the driver continue blowing into it periodically while driving, as alcohol may continue to be absorbed into the bloodstream over time. The device may also automatically report back to a central location. For example, a person with a DUI conviction may have a device that sends a signal to his probation officer if he attempts to drive with a BAC over a specified level.

According to Fort Lauderdale DUI defense lawyer William Moore Criminal Defense, ignition interlock devices are most frequently used to allow people who have been convicted of DUI to receive their driver’s license again. It is a condition that permits them to drive. The devices can be extremely costly and the companies manufacturing these devices have lobbied state legislatures to increase their usage. In fact, MADD hopes to eventually have mandatory ignition interlock devices on every vehicle on the roads in the United States. Although this would be extremely invasive and expensive, the organization believes it would completely eliminate the problem of drunk driving.

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