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New Broward County Courthouse Almost Complete

It seems like only yesterday when construction crews were demolishing the parking garage on Southeast six Street to make way for our new Broward County Courthouse. In just a few short months we will all be litigating our criminal cases in the long anticipated new justice complex.

This building is really be something else. It’s energy-efficient and anticipated to be a tier 2 environmental design. Standing at 20 stories with over 700,000 ft.² of workspace and already pleasant work environment certain to be nothing short of amazing. When completed our new Broward County Courthouse will have over 100,000 ft.² of impressive glass panels, 14 elevators, six people movers thousands of doors, hundreds of toilets, over 10,000 modern lighting fixtures, safety generators almost 80 court rooms to start and an ergonomic design here towards the flow of employees and public.

Our new courthouse promises to provide a heightened level of security at less intrusion according to studies based on similar projects throughout the nation. Health concerns such as air quality were also a big factor in the development of our new courthouse following years of allegations that certain employees in the West building were being made sick by poor ventilation. Our new building is promised to have no such issues just clean fresh well-circulated cool comfortable air.

Currently construction of our new judicial complex is over 80% complete. Wall finishes, woodwork paneling flooring and top-of-the-line pictures are starting to become visible on the interior of the project. With accommodations this nice our local attorneys have seemingly forgotten about the slight delay in completion. Originally, planning and development called for completion date of 2014.

Broward County public defender’s office in Broward County State Atty.’s office will enjoy an office move the last of which was almost 3 decades ago. At least for the public defenders who served under Alan Schreiber.

One of the really cool things about this project is anticipated integration of public art it is to be expected. Broward County commissioners think that what is described as a fully functional and integrated public art project will encourage art in public places. There’s your invitation to visit Florida Banksy. Bring some spray paint.

The art project is called FLOW and little is known about it other than it is still in the developmental phase.

Questions and concerns by attorneys and courthouse staff have included everything from parking garage security to questions about whether employees will have their own entrance into the courthouse. The answer to both of those questions is yes however certain tracks from car to office and back may not be covered for those rainy days. I believe there is one designated smoking area for all of you cigarette lovers. Further luxuries will include approximately 20 break rooms for courthouse staff as well as private restrooms.

The best thing this whole deal according to one County Criminal Court, Judge is that we get to keep the third floor cafeteria that we’ve enjoyed over the last couple of decades.


Up-to-the-minute information about the progress of our new Broward County Courthouse construction progress can be found by visiting Broward County Government.

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