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One Judges Fight Against Fashion

When I heard about this, I silently laughed to myself. Keep in mind that the inmate uniforms were issued by the department of corrections. If enough delay was caused by this, it would be interesting to see if criminal defense attorneys might be able to file some appropriate motions on behalf of their clients (i.e. right to speedy trial, due process).

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Florida – Friday, September 12, 2008 – Circuit Judge Daniel Perry sent 71 inmates out of the courtroom on Wednesday. Thursday, he sent 39 more out. Seems these people like to wear their pants with their butts showing, but Judge Perry will have no showing off of the butt in his domain. Wearing the pants low seems to be all the rage among the younger set in Tampa. A source in Tampa has been in and out of the courthouse thousands of times over the past four or five years, and has seen people walking to the courtroom with their pants hanging down. She’s often wondered what the world was coming to, allowing saggy pants – which look very sloppy – in the courtroom.

Now it seems that inmates have figured out a way to get saggy pants. According to Bay News 9, officials with the sheriff’s office said some deputies issued some inmates uniforms that are too big. They will be rectifying the problem by making sure all the inmates get uniforms that fit properly.

Judges in Broward, Dade and Broward County have been known to excuse defendants from a courtroom when not dressed appropriately, however, not when the clothes were issued by the department.

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