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Orlando Bloom: Latest Celeb Caught in Hit & Run/DUI Scandal?

Could ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star, Orlando Bloom be the next celebrity caught in an alleged ‘hit and run’ or DUI scandal? Bloom was involved in an accident at approximately 2:15 a.m. early Friday morning on October 12, 2007, after leaving a night club in Los Angeles. TMZ reported that he driving a Toyota Matrix belonging to the director of photography for ‘Pirates’ when he crashed into a parked Porsche Cayenne. Just before the accident, Bloom was spotted arguing with an unidentified man about the man’s wife before taking off in the Matrix.

Bloom had two female passengers with him, one of whom reportedly sustained a fractured neck in the wreck. Photographers and camera crew filmed Bloom as he walked away from the scene of the crash leaving his two bleeding passengers at the scene! Paparazzi ran after Bloom and encouraged him to return to the scene of the accident which he did after second thought. TMZ reports that upon returning to the scene, LAPD did not administer sobriety tests and declared that Bloom was not under the influence of alcohol despite having just left a night club. Once again, it seems to pay to be a celebrity. Let’s see what his female passengers have to say once they recover from their injuries.

-William Ryan William Moore Criminal Defense, Esq.

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