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Palm Beach County Criminal Defense Lawyer — Boynton Beach Man Calls 911 Over Beverage Selection at Burger King

Broward criminal attorney William Moore handles all types of criminal cases. An incident in Boynton Beach in southern Broward County last week has gotten national attention as an example of abusing the 911 emergency system. According to Boynton Beach law enforcement officers, Jean Fortune, a 66-year-old resident, was arrested and charged with abuse of 911 communications. The charge is a first-degree misdemeanor in the state of Florida, carrying up to one year in jail and a fine of $1,000. Broward criminal lawyer Moore does not have information on the status of Fortune’s case or his legal representation.

Boynton Beach investigators determined that Fortune used the drive-through to order lemonade. The employee taking drive-through orders explained that the business had run out of lemonade and Fortune became extremely angry. He threatened to call police and actually did so when the employees were unable to supply him with lemonade. He spoke to the 911 dispatcher for about five minutes.

A local news outlet obtained a recording of the 911 call. The man stayed on the phone for about five minutes, complaining about the lack of lemonade and the poor service he was receiving.

Unfortunately, this incident is not exactly the first 911 incident involving Burger King. About four years ago, police refused to respond to a now-famous fast food call on the West Coast. A woman in Orange County, California called the emergency number to report that she was infuriated with the staff and management at her local Burger King. According to the caller, the Burger King employees continued to make her “Western burger” incorrectly and that she believed deputies should respond to the call because it was their duty to “protect” her. The audio version of the call can be heard here:

Broward criminal defense lawyer William Moore believes that, of the two cases, the Boynton Beach man got the short end of the stick. The dispatcher who answered the call from the lady in California refused to send law enforcement officials to Burger King to intervene in the dispute, instead advising the woman to “act like an adult.” Boynton Beach police responded to their local Burger King call and have charged the man for making the frivolous call. Burger King has not made a statement on the matter. Boynton Beach officials gave the man a notice to appear in court for the incident.

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