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Police Investigate the Deaths of Three Sunrise Family Members

Broward County and Sunrise law enforcement officers are investigating the shooting deaths of three members of a Sunrise family who were killed this weekend and found dead in their home last Sunday. Police officials mentioned murder-suicide as a possibility publicly earlier in the week, but have also stated that they are still investigating and cannot be sure about the cause of the deaths at this point in time, says Broward criminal attorney William Moore. Though the investigating law enforcement agencies have not released the names of the deceased individuals, a family friend has identified them as 35-year-old Quincy Kelly, his 32-year-old wife Lisa Kelly, and their 12-year-old daughter Soroya, who was a student at the Westpine Middle School.

Police discovered the bodies of the family members this Sunday after responding to a domestic disturbance phone call on Northwest 21st Street in Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney Moore has learned. Relatives of the family members approached police officials and directed them to a locked rear bedroom. When they got to the room, police officials breached the door and discovered the bodies. It is still unknown who called the police to respond to the residence and how the family members on the scene were involved. Family friend Glen Mitchell told reporters that Quincy Kelly’s mother, Fay Kelly, and his aunt, whose name he did not know, also lived at the house with the other family members. It is unknown if these family members were the same individuals who were present when police officials responded to the scene. Mitchell mentioned that Fay Kelly and Quincy Kelly’s aunt were too shaken from the incident to speak with reporters. The news of the family members’ deaths shocked the parishioners at the Lauderdale Lakes church they attended, the Church of Atonement, Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer Moore has learned. In the middle of this Sunday’s church service Pastor Earl Henry delivered the bad news to church members after being handed a note.

Kelly and his wife were Jamaica natives, as are a number of the members of the Church of Atonement. Glen Mitchell told reporters that he and other church members got up and left the service immediately upon hearing the news due to shock. Mitchell stated that Quincy Kelly was a very happy and humorous person and that the news took him by surprise. The Kelly family’s neighbor, Veronica Chester, also expressed her shock at the deaths, stating that “you would never expect this in our neighborhood.”

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