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Price Ranges

Many clients are left to speculate at an already difficult time as to the cost of skilled representation by a reputable South Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer or Law Firm.

Payment plans can be structured in various ways in order to ensure aggressive representation by our law firm.

For almost 20 years the criminal defense attorneys at our law firm had been providing experienced and proven legal representation to those who have been arrested and charged criminally in Broward County. Throughout that time our firm has been consistent in both the level of legal services provided as well as in the reasonableness of our fees.

This is certainly not to say that we are the least expensive criminal defense firm in South Florida based on our history and defending criminal cases and unique experience in the industry. However, we are not the most expensive either. In fact, we are often described as being surprisingly affordable and flexible when it comes to payment options and plans.

In many cases, those who seek out our help are relieved to learn that many serious matters require little more than a few hundred dollars to get us started on an aggressive and skilled defense for both your benefit and that of your family. Payment terms and conditions have always been and will continue to be specifically modified and or tailored to help facilitate people charged criminally with getting the representation and defense that they deserve by the legal team that they know and trust.

Initial down payments can be as low as $500.00 depending on the type of criminal charges being asserted by the State Attorney’s Office.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you can afford the legal fees associated with our representing your defense in the state’s case against you pick up the phone and give us a call. It never hurts to ask what the initial down payment would be for any given case regardless of degree or severity. It’s been 20 years and no lawyer at this firm has ever asserted a claim sought a judgment against anyone who we have agreed to protect for late or unpaid legal fees.

It’s just never been the way that we operate.

Client Reviews
William Moore saves the day once again... I can’t thank him enough for helping me get my life back on track...You’ll be glad he’s on your defense team, I guarantee it. Eric Bailey
William is an amazing lawyer on the first day he took my case from a felony to a misdemeanor. He always answered my calls and text messages, never a problem. He was always the one in court not sending someone else, unlike my last lawyer. 10/10 would recommend. If I ever have any other problems, he will be the first person I call. Shane B.