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Saggy Pants Robber Strikes Again

A number of robberies in Fort Lauderdale and Broward Counties have police scratching their heads and searching for the so-called “Saggy Pants Robber,” says Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer William Moore. Law enforcement officials in both counties are working to determine if the same culprit is behind each incident.

Starting in November, 7-Eleven stores throughout the area have been robbed with alarming frequency. In Fort Lauderdale, at least five 7-Eleven stores and one Walgreen’s location have been robbed in the past few months by a man with sagging pants and a Jamaican accent. On Friday, two more Broward stores were robbed, according to Broward criminal defense lawyer Moore. Locations in Miramar and Pompano Beach were both hit the same night. Still, the Miramar police have issued a statement warning the public that it is still too early to tell if the Miramar robbery was committed by the same man who has been robbing other locations.

The Saggy Pants Robber was initially identified by Fort Lauderdale police, who pieced together an image of a man due to the similar characteristics of the robber described by clerks at each store. His voice and accent have been described similarly and he was wearing the same pair of shorts, which have a noticeable red stripe down the sides, underneath his pants in several of the robberies. Some of his victims stated that he wore a green ski mask over his face or prescription eyeglasses. His demeanor is noticeably calm and collected and he works quickly, which may explain why he is still at large. The descriptions have not all been identical, with wide variations in the man’s height given: from 5’5” to 6’0”.

Fort Lauderdale police also note that his mannerisms toward his victims are changing and he seems to be acting increasingly aggressive towards them. Detective Kathy Collins of the Fort Lauderdale police department described the change, saying, ”He used to go in and imply he had a weapon, back in December and January. But since then, he’s not only displayed the weapon but in the last two robberies he has pointed at the clerk very aggressively, grabbing the clerk, and now he’s really putting fear in the victims.”

The Saggy Pants Robber is also expanding. Initially, he robbed only stores of Fort Lauderdale, but now appears to be branching out both to the north and south. He is believed to be the robber behind heists in Boynton Beach, Deerfield Beach, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, and elsewhere.

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