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Sheriff’s Deputy Accused of Inappropriate Contact with Women

The Broward State Attorney’s Office is reviewing about 200 cases involving driving under the influence charges due to the alleged misconduct of Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Charles E. Grady. Grady was with the Sheriff’s Office for 12 years until he resigned from his position this week. He has been accused of touching women inappropriately during traffic stops. The Sheriff’s Office is investigating and the State Attorney’s Office has filed two misdemeanor battery charges against him stemming from the unwanted touching of two different women he stopped and arrested for DUI. He is to be arraigned on May 13. Grady had been suspended from the force since late last year, when the office began investigating the allegations against him. Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer William Moore expects this case to have far-reaching ramifications.

The first misdemeanor battery charge involves an unidentified woman from Boca Raton, who is 38. Grady stopped her near the strip club where she was employed as a dancer. She was arrested for DUI during the stop in September of last year. Similarly, a Coral Springs woman, who is 20, was stopped by Grady in December. She complained to Fort Lauderdale law enforcement officials that there was “inappropriate contact” by Grady while she was stopped. The Broward Sheriff’s Office has not provided specific details about either incident, saying only that the charge shows that there was apparently “deliberate and unwelcome touching.”

The Broward State Attorney’s Office, however, has commented on the matter, saying that Grady’s resignation and subsequent charges affect over 200 DUI cases currently on the docket. A spokesman said, “Dozens of cases have been affected so far…We have been reviewing each of those cases to determine their strengths and weaknesses with or without his testimony. Some cases have been, or will need to be, dropped.”

Al Lamberti, the Broward County Sheriff, expressed his displeasure at the news of Grady’s alleged conduct, saying , “I’m extremely disappointed. It disturbs me when any law enforcement officer is accused of tarnishing the badge.”

Broward DUI Lawyer William R. Moore is disappointed to hear of Grady’s conduct. The public places a great deal of trust in law enforcement officers, which should never be abused. The power gap between an officer and the person he pulls over for a late-night traffic stop is especially problematic, as women could be coerced into sexual favors or acquiesce to unwelcome contact under threat of criminal charges. It is not clear whether more charges are pending or if either woman plans to seek civil damages against Grady or the Sheriff’s Office.

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