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The Broward County Crime Lab: 20 Years in Review (Part 1)

Recently, the Broward County Crime Lab came under fire following allegations of missing drugs. See latest article in the Sun Sentinel

According to William Moore, a criminal drug possession attorney practicing in Broward,  an investigation lasting several months resulted in the resignation of the less technical analyst and manager. James Ongley and Randy Hilliard  told reporters that they were forced to retire following the internal investigation rather than be fired.

Contact Attorney William Moore for information about just how common it is for crime labs throughout Florida to suspect theft of controlled substances by a trusted analyst.

Attorney William Moore

According to Broward Drug Possession Defense Attorney William Moore, internal affairs officers were assigned to investigate operation of the lab following missing drugs that were previously analyzed and being storednoelia

Elected officials expressed a complete loss of faith in the management of the Broward County crime lab and gave Ongley and Hilliard  the option to preserve their benefits by resigning despite protests by each of the former employees.

According to attorney Moore,  internal affair officers were assigned to investigate the method of operation of the lab following missing drugs that were previously analyzed and being stored at the crime lab as evidence in pending criminal drug cases being prosecuted by the Broward County state attorney’s office.

The BSO Crime Lab is Involved in Testing and Storing of Evidence in Every Broward Drug Case

William Moore has been defending drug related offenses in Broward County for almost 20 years. In that time, he has visited the lab on hundreds of occasions in order to review illicit substances that were intended to be used as evidence against accused clients of whom attorney Moore was representing.

Handling of Controlled Substances by Police Officers, Prosecutors and Lab Technicians

My experience with visiting the Broward County crime lab has been reminiscent  of gaining entry into a jail or prison facility. From my point of view, the handling and storing of controlled substances seemed quite secure. Keep in mind however, that as an attorney reviewing evidence in anticipation of defending drug charges for the benefit of my client, I have been privy to very little as it pertains to what goes on behind the locked vault like doors that secure the lab and illegal substances that they house.

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