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The Role of Alcoholism in DUIs

Alcoholism is frequently described as both a disease and an addiction. Alcoholics continue drinking, despite the often intensely negative consequences: convictions for driving under the influence, loss of employment, and estrangement from family members. For some, even becoming homeless is not enough to make them quit drinking, although the degree of consequences – and what constitutes “rock bottom” – varies significantly from one alcoholic to another.

The fact that a person is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol does not mean that he or she is an alcoholic, according to Broward DUI Lawyer William Moore.. If the charges are correct and the person is subsequently convicted, the court will frequently order the defendant to complete DUI school and alcohol abuse treatment. Unfortunately, Broward DUI attorney William Moore has found that many families of DUI defendants become alarmed and assume that a DUI arrest necessarily means that the defendant was an alcoholic – even if he had previously gone undetected. In reality, driving under the influence of alcohol can be a symptom of alcoholism, but a single DUI does not mean that the driver has an ongoing problem with alcohol. It can also mean that the person made an error. It is fairly common for first-time DUI defendants never to have another criminal problem again.

Symptoms of alcoholism vary. Some people becoming “functioning alcoholics,” where they continue with their employment and present a healthy face to the outside world. For others, their lives obviously deteriorate, and they may have many arrests – DUIs, public intoxication, and other matters stemming from the abuse. Long-term alcoholism can result In deteriorating mental condition, including alcohol-related dementia. In fact, alcoholism is the second-highest cause of dementia. Alcohol is also tied to major depression and certain forms of psychosis. From a social standpoint, divorce is a common effect, as alcoholics frequently have difficulty maintaining their marriages. Loss of employment is another serious problem alcoholics fact. In the same vein, homelessness is frequently associated with substance abuse (in addition to factors such as mental illness). One of the worst problems with alcohol abuse for women is the possibility of fetal alcohol syndrome as a result of alcohol consumption during pregnancy, which can cause significant physical and mental defects. Despite these problems, Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer William Moore believes that many DUIs are not the result of long-term alcohol abuse.

An informational video on fetal alcohol syndrome and other alcohol-related birth defects:

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Article contributed by Mallory Shipman, Esq.

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