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Tragic End in the Case of Missing Florida Girl Somer Thompson

Fort Lauderdale Update-

Earlier this week, Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney William Moore says that Floridians were captivated by the news story about Somer Thompson. Somer was seven years old when she disappeared this week. On Monday afternoon, she was walking home from her elementary school in Orange Park, Florida, with her 10-year-old sister and their brother. Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney Moore has learned that because her older sister knew the younger girl had gotten into a fight at school that day, she asked Somer about the disagreement. Somer was upset by her sister’s inquiry and ran away from her siblings. Her sister last saw her with another group of children leaving the school.

Law enforcement authorities launched a full-scale search for the missing little girl. Due to her age, the search was an extremely high priority. Police officers also began examining landfills that receive waste from the community. Earlier this week, they located the remains of a child in a landfill in Folkston, Georgia. Law enforcement officials positively identified the body as Somer Thompson through the use of dental records. They have also confirmed that the load of garbage in which her remains were concealed originated in the Orange Park area, suggesting that she was killed and disposed of near her home.

Now, Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney says the community is focused on finding the little girl’s killer. So far, the police have interviewed more than 70 registered sex offenders who live within five square miles of the family’s home. At this point in time, $30,000 of rewards have been offered for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of Somer’s killer.

The sheriff told reporters, “There is a child killer on the loose. I fear for our community until we bring this person in.”

The girl’s mother, meanwhile, has also spoken to reporters in her emotionally wrenched state, saying that she would not rest until her daughter’s attacker was found and that “you don’t do this to a little baby and put my baby in the trash like she’s nothing.”

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