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UK Tabloid Fuels Rumors of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Split

The leading British tabloid Mirror (UK) has joined the list of gossip commentators who are fascinated with the split drama surrounding Hollywood celebrities Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Mirror’s latest rumor report had apprised the British public on the Hollywood gossip that the star of Two and a Half Men may have been caught cheating on wife Demi Moore, and that the two celebs have been visibly cold towards each other on Twitter for some time. Mirror has analyzed these reasons to predict a split.

Mirror reports the comments of some Hollywood gossip analysts that the age gap between Kutcher and his older wife may have contributed to the decline in their relationship. It adds another angle to the story that Moore’s career has been on the wane, while Kutcher’s is on the rise. However, Mirror’s analysis failed to take into account the fact that Demi Moore, with her major pull in the entertainment industry, has been the real driving force behind Kutcher’s rise to fame.

Moore’s independent wealth that she amassed before marrying Kutcher is reportedly huge. A significant amount of her money goes to charitable causes, but there are rumors that she spends a good amount of money to provide backing to projects that involve Kutcher. Moore, who has three older children from her previous marriage with Bruce Willis, also won substantially when she divorced the Die Hard star. She is also reputed to be a wise business woman, and has grown her fortune well. But not that wise, she married Ashton and left Bruce.

If the reported differences between her and Ashton lead to a divorce, it will leave at least $300 million of her personal fortune at stake unless she has a pre-nup agreement to protect her assets. California is a 50-50 no fault divorce state, which means she may actually lose more money than him if they choose to divorce. But if he was having an affair or violating the marriage pact via a string of infidelities, this could bode negative for him.

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