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Back in March of this year, a 15-year-old girl was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol in Naples. The girl, Karina Campbell, was charged with DUI Manslaughter because she was involved in an accident that resulted in the death of a 16-year-old boy, says Broward DUI Lawyer William Moore. Because DUI Manslaughter is an adult crime that carries serious penalties, Campbell faces a maximum of 15 years in a Florida prison if she is convicted.

Campbell’s blood alcohol concentration shortly after the accident was measured at 0.165, or more than twice the limit at which an adult driver is presumed to be too impaired to drive. For a driver under the age of 21, that reading is actually more than eight times the level at which the law presumes a driver is intoxicated. Additionally, Campbell did not have a driver’s license. The state of Florida requires that a potential driver be at least 16 years of age before he or she can be licensed to operate a motor vehicle. For those reasons and others, Campbell’s DUI case will be difficult.

Broward DUI attorney William Moore says there is evidence that suggests Campbell was driving 70 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone, which may be evidence of the level of recklessness she was exhibiting at the time the fatal accident occurred.

Unfortunately, this DUI Manslaughter case has been tragic for both the family of the 16-year-old boy who was killed and for Campbell’s own family. Campbell was only charged this month after a lengthy investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident and death. The teens were apparently engaging in a common activity in that area: driving at a fairly high rate of speed over several train tracks in an effort to briefly lift the car off the ground. In this case, the SUV flipped over after driving off of a ramp erected by the train tracks, ejecting Campbell and her two passengers.

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