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Vero Beach Count Administrator Cleared of Driving Under the Influence

A jury deliberated for only two hours this week before coming back with a verdict that may have saved the career of one man, says Broward DUI Lawyer William Moore. Joe Baird was cleared of wrongdoing when the six-member jury panel returned a verdict of not guilty in his DUI case.

Prior to the verdict, however, the alternate juror delivered a concerned note to the judge. According to the alternate, who listened to the testimony and other evidence presented in the trial, but did not have a role in making the final decision on the case, one of the jurors was possibly unable to stay fair and unbiased. The juror in question, according to the alternate, had attended the funeral of a friend’s child who was killed in a drunk driving accident. Incidentally, that friend had also been called up as a potential juror prior to the selection of the final jury to hear the DUI case, but she was excused due to her prior drunk driving experiences related to the loss of her child.

According to Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney William Moore, the testimony in Baird’s case was somewhat unusual. Baird’s longtime girlfriend and an assistant testified about Baird’s serious problem with balance. They stated that he suffers from serious vertigo and cannot do some day-to-day activities like most people can. For that reason, the defense contended that he failed the roadside field sobriety tests, but that police officers had been unwilling to accept his explanation. There was limited testimony about the amount Baird had been drinking. One witness testified that he purchased an alcohol drink for Baird shortly before the county administrator left a party the evening of his DUI arrest, but did not see him consume the beverage. Other witnesses reported seeing him drinking early in the night, but only about two beers, which would almost certainly not have been enough to leave him too impaired to driver several hours later.

Baird also refused to submit to a breath alcohol test, which are almost always requested in cases in which a law enforcement official suspects DUI, says Broward drunk driving lawyer William Moore Criminal Defense. Because he refused to submit to the breath test, Baird’s Florida driver’s license will be suspended for one year as an administrative matter. However, he will not face criminal punishment, such as jail time, probation, or DUI school.

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