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What Happens If I Am Arrested for Possessing Adderall?

Doctors routinely prescribe this drug and others very similar to it for conditions such as narcolepsy, obesity, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). If these drugs are as dangerous as Gonzales et al. claim, how can millions of Americans—including schoolchildren—safely consume them on a regular basis?

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William R. Moore is a Drug Posession Defense Lawyer with William Moore, Moore & Weick. He recently explained the law  in Florida criminalizing possession of Adderall without a prescription.

Adderall is a schedule II drug. It is an amphetamine that is prescribed to control ADHD. However, since it can increase the focus and enhance the performance, many high school and college students use it to pull overnighters so they can study more without falling asleep. Since Adderall is addictive and can cause severe side effects, it is both a federal and a state crime to possess Adderall without a valid prescription.


If you are arrested for possessing Adderall without a valid prescription, you could be charged with the felony of wrongful possession of Adderall. Penalties start at a maximum prison term of 5 years.

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However, even if you have been found with Adderall in your possession, a drug lawyer will be able to ensure that your rights are protected. This means that the law enforcement authorities have to prove that the drug was in your possession and that you were aware that it was a controlled substance. Moreover, the authorities should have found you in possession of the drug when they were conducting a lawful search and seizure that did not violate your rights for the evidence to be admissible in court.

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