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What is Broward County Drug Court?

Our Criminal Lawyers in Broward explain that a drug court in Florida integrates drug treatment and judicial monitoring. It has been found that when a person is found guilty of a drug offense and incarcerated they are likely to be charged with the offense again as they have become dependent on the drug or alcohol. To break this vicious cycle, Florida offers a Drug Court program for those who are charged with substance abuse. The people who are likely to benefit from the drug court are identified early on in the process and they are required to attend drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs.

Drug Court Treatment Program

Broward County’s Drug Court is the third oldest drug court in the nation, created in 1991, and the Drug Court Treatment Division serves close to 800 clients daily. The Drug Court Treatment Division has two programs providing diversion from jail or prison for persons with substance related conditions. – Broward Sheriff’s Office Drug Court Program


Each person enrolled in the program is closely monitored by a judge and a police official. The drug court monitors abstinence with frequent drug and alcohol testing and compliance is rewarded while those who have violated the terms of the drug court can be detained again.

A Productive Member of the Community

The drug courts are meant to help rehabilitate substance addicts by offering them a way to overcome their addiction. The close monitoring and a system of rewards and deterrents are meant to help the addict become a non-criminal, productive member of society again.

There are different drug courts for juveniles, adults, and parents who are dependent on chemical substances. The courts, law enforcement, as well the public and private institutions are all involved in the process.

The prosecution and defense attorneys are also part of the drug court process to ensure that the legal rights of the addict are preserved.

Breaking the Addiction

Florida’s drug court system has been designed to reduce the number of substance addicts who become repeat offenders since they are not cured of their addiction but clog the courts with drug cases. This pattern is combated by encouraging the addicts to give up their dependency on substances using non-adversarial methods.

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