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152 Cannabis Plants Confiscated by Broward County Police in Grow House Bust

On Tuesday August 19, 2014 Broward sheriff’s deputies reported confiscating $150,000 worth cannabis plants from a home in Oakland Park Florida. Prior to a search warrant granted earlier that morning police reported finding and removing 152 cannabis plants ranging from seedlings to 5 feet high plants. As of right now the investigation is still underway. Currently there is one woman in custody and a second individual has been detained for questioning. Broward County sheriff’s spokeswoman, Dani Moschella, states the house has been under investigation for several weeks.

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Local residence and neighbors claim to have never seen anyone residing in the home stating they actually thought it was haunted or a crime was committed causing the home to remain vacant. Residents were shocked to see at 7am 20 deputies entering the property with blue gloves. Shortly after the search and seizure FP&L was seen cutting off the power to the home.

Detectives identified the woman living in an apartment attached to the home and witnessed her entering the side of the house where the plants were being cultivated. The name of the woman arrested has not been released however she may face multiple drug offense charges.

According to drug defense attorney William Moore this type of case may result in multiple drug charges such as cultivation of marijuana, trafficking in marijuana, possession of marijuana and possession with intent to sell. If prosecuted these charges will most likely result in felony prosecution with possible mandatory prison sentences.

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