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William Moore has defended hundreds of people accused of Domestic Violence in Broward County, Florida.

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Broward County Domestic Violence Attorney William Moore has personally defended hundreds of domestic violence cases in South Florida. He is also an avid writer on this unique area of criminal defense. Attorney Moore has spoken candidly over the years about the significant potential of abuse including but not limited to fraudulent reports.

Some of the more experienced domestic violence attorneys in Broward County have noted a statistically improbable amount of persons accused claiming that the allegations made were in furtherance of anticipated litigation directed at the relationship. Specifically and anticipated divorce proceeding or domestic partnership.

We are not arguing that it’s laws against a type of battery between intimate partners is not necessary. To the contrary, we are dealing with a societal problem that can be very dangerous or even fatal. Unfortunately, the rapid enacting of laws over the last 20 years in the area specific to expanding restraining orders, in addition to the appointing of special judges on domestic violence cases has led to an avenue for a cunning and manipulative partner. Broward Criminal Lawyers have seen increased instances of fabricated cases over the last decade leading to much concern and debate.

There are many facets of the court system that can be used to obtain an overall goal relatively easily should they have a limited knowledge of our domestic violence system in both Broward County and Broward. Unfortunately, I see cases on a regular basis where by an accused is ordered out of their home following an alleged altercation between the now defendant and an individual that he or she had only recently become intimate with.

We used to see this kind of thing with married couples who had children. If the allegations were made by the wife who had also been charged with caring for the children, courts would routinely order a no contact order preventing the husband from being within a certain distance of his spouse and or home claims Broward County domestic violence attorney William Moore.

Broward County Domestic Violence Attorney William Moore Has Seen an Increase in Fraudulent Allegations Over That Last Few Years

Over the last 15 years, I have seen more cases that involved a new couple that barely knew each other as they rushed into a relationship and cohabitating while caught up in the moment. So many of these cases over the last couple of years that have come into our criminal defense firm in Broward County involved newly formed relationships whereby one or both of the parties had children from a previous relationship or marriage.

Many people do not realize that there is a significant overlap between domestic violence statutes the ever-expanding restraining order laws, no contact orders following an arrest for domestic battery and transfer and assignment of cases where a divorce petition is filed in conjunction or while a criminal domestic violence case is pending in the Florida court.

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Most experienced domestic violence attorneys in South Florida have experienced the all too common situation whereby the alleged victim in the case that they are defending changes their mind with respect to assisting the state in prosecution. Ultimately what you get in the situation is a visit from the state attorneys primary witness against your client who has taken the liberty to show up at your criminal law office with the intention of waving prosecution. Many times this is done without the knowledge of the defendant due to the fact that no contact orders are issued over 90% of the time following on arrest for domestic battery.

Broward County domestic violence attorneys must be very mindful of their ethical obligations and the appearance of impropriety when a situation like this arises. It is easy for young lawyers defending domestic battery cases to lose sight of the fact that a person who walked into their law firm and for the benefit of the named defendant is on the side of the defense. This of course is due to the overall demeanor of the named victim who really just looks like the girlfriend or wife of that domestic violence attorneys client. The reality however is that an appearance of impropriety may be inferred should an unstable state witness suffer another avid flow of the motion. It is not entirely unheard of for victims of domestic violence to make allegations of abuse followed by a withdrawal of said accusations and then again a subsequent re-assertion of violence.

Broward County’s Leading Misdemeanor and Felony Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Team

Experienced domestic violence attorneys in Broward County navigate this situation and many like it quite easily. One of the benefits of routinely practicing any specific type of criminal defense which focuses on a specific type or types of crimes really affords the practitioner and ability to become quite familiar with the art of defending cases. Defending the same types of offense class can literally put you in court litigating for the defense of the same crime on an almost daily basis.

It has been a while however recall several instances over the last 15 years whereby a young domestic violence attorney in Broward County was accused of witness tampering or investigated for same following their speaking to a victim who wished to withdrawal allegations against that attorneys client. Criminal defense attorneys have strong loyalties to the people that they are hired to protect. It is just human nature to get some type of Roche from protecting another individual who sought out your help because you are skilled in any specific area. We are just programmed this way as people. Certainly we would all agree that a Broward domestic violence attorney would be doing his client a great disservice to ignore entirely any please by the state’s witness and named victim to avoid prosecution. Fortunately criminal defense attorneys don’t have to hide from someone just because they are state witness. I have followed the same framework for almost 20 years in these situations it is ethical and completely devoid of the appearance of impropriety. Furthermore it brings some unity to an unbalanced and awkward criminal justice system when it comes to domestic violence cases this kind of thing doesn’t really happen with other crimes. Domestic violence attorney more claims that this politically charged crime has many facets that are not seen in other offenses.

My concern lately claims more is what appears to be an increasing number of domestic violence cases that look more like setups then the lawful prosecution of someone alleged to have committed an act of domestic battery. Criminal defense attorney William Moore admits that neither he or is his colleagues have been able to fashion a system that could protect victims of domestic violence in Broward County while also protecting innocent people from being accused by a person that they share an intimate relationship with. People that secretly strive to fraudulently gain from the filing of a false police report.

Domestic violence attorney William Moore explains that one of the greatest obstacles in domestic violence prosecution is the ever present emotional attachment to these types of cases by our Broward County residents. Merely being accused of domestic violence evokes significant negative feelings from the average demographic. Biases developed and stick even before surveyed individuals are given a fact pattern in which to logically make the determination of guilt or innocence according to one recent poll on Florida domestic violence cases.

William Moore is an avid writer on unique criminal defense issues pertaining to some of the more obscure areas of criminal defense in South Florida. Broward County criminal attorney more focuses more majority of his efforts on defending drug possession and violent crime offenses in Broward and Broward County Florida. He is available to comment on this or any other authored work specific to Broward County domestic violence defense.

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