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Child Molestation

According to Florida Molestation Lawyers, Child molestation is sexual abuse of a child by an adult. Under current Florida Sex Law, sexual abuse of a child can mean any of the following acts:

  • Penetration or contact of the child’s vagina, anus, or mouth by the sexual organ of the adult or with an object according to Sex Crime Defense Lawyers in Broward County.
  • Intentional touching of intimate parts or genital areas of a child by an adult, excepting actions done by caregivers in the normal discharge of their duty or actions done for medical purposes.
  • Masturbation in the presence of a child or making the child touch the genitals of the adult for arousal or masturbation
  • The adult intentionally exposing genitals, or carrying out any sexual act in the child’s presence
  • Sexually exploiting the child by forcing the child into prostitution or for creating pornographic material.

Florida Molestation Lawyers claim that despite tough Florida Sex Law, arrests child molestation have grown tremendously in recent years.

According to Sex Crime Lawyer Jim Weick in Florida, we have the toughest child abuse reporting law in the country. Florida Sex Law clearly states that all people have a legal obligation to report suspected child molestation, and it does not matter if the suspect is a parent, friend, neighbor, or stranger. If people knowingly do not report child molestation, then it is an offense punishable by a fine. According to the new law HB 1355, failure to report child molestation by law enforcement agency, or administration of private or public universities and colleges, is punishable by up to one million dollars in fines. This law is especially enforced for the prevention of cover-ups of child molestation taking place in institutions. Reporting child molestation is a legal obligation in this State claims Florida Molestation Lawyers.

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