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Marchman Act

Forced Treatment Under The Marchman Act

Addiction to drugs and alcohol plagues Florida residents to a far greater degree than a vast majority of states throughout the nation. Following the recent opioid pill mill epidemic, our community is still suffering from an all time high with respect to accidental deaths from overdosing. Arrest and prosecution of addicts still remains in full force, forever branding individuals suffering from addiction as felons, further pushing the afflicted into a downward spiral.

Yes, an Addicted Loved One Can Be Forced Into Treatment

Many families simply don’t know about the legal avenues that are available to them with regard to helping those addicted to drugs and alcohol. Laws that allow for court intervention and forcing of addicts to be stabilized, evaluated and if necessary treated for dependency. This judicial remedy can be sought on your own or through the help of a Florida Marchaman Act Attorney.

Why Can’t They Just Stop Using?

The power of addiction is no secret. People suffering from chemical dependence simply can’t get clean without help in a vast majority of cases. Modern understanding of psychology has proven that an approach to treating the unique needs of an individual is far more complex than thought even a few years ago.

Why Won’t They Voluntarily Enter Treatment?

Statistics show that individuals suffering from drug or alcohol dependency do not voluntarily enter treatment. Rather, they attempt to go it alone and quit cold turkey on their own. The success rate for this approach is practically zero. Instead, addicts learn to hide their substance abuse and enter into what is commonly referred to as denial.

Representation by a Marchman Act Lawyer

You can. In Florida, there is legal remedy that will allow for the involuntary assessment and stabilization of an individual suffering from chemical dependence. It’s known as the Marchman Act and when used effectively this intervention can prevent someone from descending deeper into addiction.

My name is William Moore and since 1997 I have personally handled thousands of cases stemming from drug addiction and have committed my career to helping those affected by addiction. In my opinion, those afflicted eventually find themselves as defendants in our criminal justice system. For over two decades I have learned full well that it doesn’t have to be like this. The Marchman Act is an under used tool that can help to prevent lost lives and wasted futures. If you have a loved one who is descending into addiction, you should consider weather things have reached a point to take the next step and intervene.

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